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Nejvíce servisovaná vozidla v roce 2021 – report společnosti Autodata

Společnost Solera Autodata, poskytovatel technických informací pro automobilový průmysl, zveřejnila pravidelnou výroční zprávu “ Nejčastěji servisovaná vozidla“. Zpráva obsahuje analýzu trendů na trhu s náhradními díly a uvádí 10 nejčastěji servisovaných vozidel v různých kategoriích.

REPORT: The distribution network of sales of spare parts in the Czech Republic 2019 – segment of passenger and vans

Analysis presents the distribution of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the Czech Republic. The analysis provides information on the number of branches of distributors in various regions and districts, the number of service centers, people and cars on each branch.

Czech Car Repair Shops Viewed From The Customer’s Perspective

We present first analysis of repair shops in the Czech Republic based on the answers of their customers. The aim is to get a customer’s view on the repair shop segment and everything associated with it. From the way of repairing vehicles, through legislation, to customer’s feedback.

Report: Czech Car Repair Shops From The Perspective Of Their Own 2015

This analysis is already second in the ranking of Czech car repair shops analysis we´re presented. The goal of this analysis is to map Czech repair shop and their work equipment. How they operate, who are their suppliers, how they buy spare parts. What services they offer to the customers and what they face in […]