Workshop networks in Poland

12. listopadu 2012, 0:00

Every car owner has the right to select services from any workshop of their choice, whether it is an independent, network or authorised workshop. There are many network affiliated workshops operating in Poland. Each year more and more workshops decide to start operating under a network logo.

The report presents an analysis of geographic distribution (by provinces and administrative districts) of workshops affiliated with the most important workshop networks in Poland.

The report constitutes an analysis of the existing situation in the workshop market with regard to the affiliation with networks, causes for joining networks or unwillingness to become a network partner; the type of expected support from the network organiser, the evaluation of benefits resulting from the membership. Furthermore, the report presents the number of cars per one independent and one network workshop.

The publication was prepared with the aim of presenting the structure of particular workshop networks in Poland and simultaneously indicating the “blank” areas on the map where there is a possibility of acquiring new network partners. Thanks to this report you will have an opportunity of becoming familiar with the workshop expectations towards the network organisers as well as the evaluation of the marketing support or the reasons of unwillingness to join a network.

Due to the information contained herein, the development of particular networks with regard to acquiring new workshops will become easier and more effective.



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